The Last Battlefield

Your staying alive is the only proof that [she] ever existed. is a collective dedicated to the manga series Claymore by Norihiro Yagi, housing all of Lethe’s Claymore shrines along with a list of upcoming projects. The layout was optimized for Chrome and desktop view.


Fit for Battle

AWAKENING Claymore Series
26 August 2015 ✗ No matter how disgraceful or embarrassing it may be, you need to keep struggling to find your way out until the very end.

THE STORMWIND GALLERY Character Screencaps
19 January 2016 ✗ Even now, you’re still somewhere in my heart.

A Distant Pledge

FROM THE ASHES Phantom Miria From that day on, I swore to take revenge on the people who made me what I am.

DISSIDENCE God-Eye Galatea Do as you wish. You and I have always lived differently.

RAISON D’ETRE Teresa of the Faint Smile It’s hardly profound. The reason’s very simple. I’ve found a reason to live.

PETRICHOR Cynthia, Tabitha & Yuma You think you’re the only one who’s had to live with the pain of seeing their comrades die in front of them?

That Which is Carried

I first watched Claymore sometime between 2007 and 2011 after hearing praise for it here and there. Although I particularly loved Teresa’s story, the amount of animated violence and severed limbs as well as the abrupt and unsatisfying ending left me with a bitter taste. The lack of strong themes and follow-up on characterization made it just another typical story to me despite the potential it showed in earlier parts. It wasn’t until I read the manga (sometime during 2012, I believe) and understood that the anime showed an alternate, premature ending and that it was only the overture of the story that I came to appreciate the series for what it truly is.

Claymore may not be among my favourite series and is not without flaws, but it’s a series I’ve found myself rereading very often, marvelling at its strong themes and all the different female warriors who contribute to those themes. While I acknowledge that it may not have been written to be about women and their solidarity specifically, fandom discourse shows how much it means for Claymore to focus so strongly — and almost exclusively — on its female characters: to have them be this powerful and driven while weaving meaningful bonds of their own, especially in a genre and demographic that tend to repeatedly and unperturbedly objectify and sexualize them regardless how well-written or powerful they are otherwise — if they allow them to be overshadowingly powerful in the first place.

Proof of Life

Following clear plans to create several Claymore character shrines in the future, Awakening was written as a foundation and introduction for what is to come and was registered in November 2015. It is named after Stormwind Noel, No. 4 during Teresa’s era and noted for her exceptional speed and agility. The layout features one of my favourite illustrations from Claymore: Teresa of the Faint Smile, the solitary warrior — unparalleled in her time and ready for battle at a moment’s notice. Chapter names run across this page, with Quando and Open Sans serving as content fonts.

The list of upcoming Claymore projects is not arranged in any particular order. As with Awakening and Claymore itself, I’d like to unite all projects under a common theme as far as their names and content are concerned: new beginnings through questioning and rebuilding.

Lingering Scent

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